ISRI Building



 The construction of the Indigenous Science Research Institute is the vehicle to bring together Western and Indigenous sciences and to ground this third way of knowing and being at a site that has the necessary catalytic power to seed changes of destructive paradigms. The finished building of the Institute will serve a dual purpose as home for research as well as teaching and learning (the academic program at the University for Peace).  The site is designed to host a global forum of Indigenous cultural practitioners, Indigenous master scientists and Western scientists. Its architecture fosters the development of earth-based knowledge and policy to address our current crises. 

The design and construction of the Institute’s building will be based in ceremony resulting in movements that are informed by precise perceptions and understandings of how the meeting of Eagle and Condor needs to manifest. It will be a combination of Indigenous and Western architectural traditions and philosophies, both will be used to materialize the building in visionary dialog to manifest sustainable futures and the vision of peace embedded in the meeting of Eagle and Condor.