Indigenous Science Research Institute

The Indigenous Science Research Institute is a forum for research, knowledge exchange, and learning.

Indigenous Science and Knowledge are routinely dismissed by mainstream scholars and scientists, a racist practice dismissing the validity of Indigenous knowledge systems. This severe implicit and often enough conscious bias not only perpetuates systems of oppression, it ensures that, even when given “a seat at the table”, Indigenous people will not be taken seriously. Indigenous knowledge becomes folklore. How can policies change to be more inclusive and pay heed to the expertise of Indigenous leaders and their ways of knowing if participation in dialogue occurs in settings with a highly unbalanced structure of power? 

The Indigenous Science Research Institute was established to redress this continuing social injustice. The Institute is a nexus of Indigenous cultural practitioners, Indigenous community leaders, and scholars. It is dedicated to address the world’s most pressing problems by developing solutions in the face of catastrophic trends, solutions that prevent future catastrophes. The Indigenous Science Research Institute was founded by Dr.Apela Colorado, PhD., the Founder of NGO Worldwide Indigenous Science Network (est.1989) It is central to a network of sacred site guardians, Indigenous cultural practitioners, shamans and sacred sites around the world.