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Worldwide Indigenous Science Network

We conduct research, host international conferences and cultural exchanges, and provide advocacy with international partners for endangered indigenous practitioners and traditional wisdom. We have been supporting elders and indigenous science network for over 30 years, bridging traditional and western knowledges.
Worldwide Indigenous Science Network
Worldwide Indigenous Science Network3 months ago
⭐️Faculty! 👆🏼

✨Daily Program:

Each day will include sacred movement, chanting/singing and dreamwork. Throughout the week, we will have presentations on various aspects of Venus and the archetype of the Feminine, the significance of the Assumption, the Black Madonna, the Liberal Art of Rhetorica and what love means for our time. We will have sound baths for deep relaxation and integrate the teachings through sacred dance. You will have ample personal time for meditation, prayer and exploration.

Our group will have abundant exclusive time to immerse in the Cathedral outside of public hours. This includes a labyrinth ceremony accompanied by the music of the Soundscape. We will spend an evening exploring the Crypt and communing with the underground Black Madonna. We will hold rituals in the Cathedral and the labyrinth early in the mornings, experiencing the many aspects of Mary and commune with the Black Madonna in the only week of the year where she is accessible in the Cathedral.

We will build an altar together upon which we will bring artifacts representing our apologies for the past, our adoration of the Great Goddess and our hopes for the future. By registering for the pilgrimage, participants vow to work on healing what is in need of healing and to make peace with those from whom they are estranged. You will come with what you seek healing for to place on our collective altar.

There will also be time to enjoy the marvelous cafes and restaurants around the Cathedral with old and new friends, and the most extraordinary light shows around the town of Chartres at night.

Register now! Link in Bio.
Worldwide Indigenous Science Network
Worldwide Indigenous Science Network3 months ago

*Apela Colorado*, PhD, indigenous scientist and elder of the Oneida-Gaul ancestry, founder of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network, will invoke our days and guide the exploration of our dreams, as well as offer a Native American perspective on race.

*Ruth Cunningham*, classically trained musician, sound healer and founding member of the Anonymous 4 will create soundscapes during the week.

*Eve Ensler (V)*, author of The Vagina Monologues, The Apology, and other bestselling books and plays, and founder of V Day and One Billion Rising and Co-Founder City of Joy – global activist movements to end violence against all women (cisgender, transgender, and gender non-conforming), girls and the planet.

*Jim Garrison*, PhD, will co-moderate the proceedings and speak on various aspects of the archetype of Venus and Plato’s Symposium.

*Andrew Harvey*, PhD (Hons), scholar, mystic and author of more than 30 books, will share his understanding of the Black Madonna.

*Jacqueline Lewis*, PhD, Senior Minister, Middle Collegiate Church. Author, Fierce Love: A Bold Path to Ferocious Courage and Rule-Breaking Kindness That Can Heal the World

*Calen Rayne*, DMin, will share insights on the labyrinth and lower church, and assist with preparation for ritual experiences.

*Banafsheh Sayyad*, MFA, MA, sacred dancer, choreographer and founder of Dance of Oneness, will guide us into healing through dance and embodiment practices.

Join us in Chartres 2022. Link in Bio
Worldwide Indigenous Science Network
Worldwide Indigenous Science Network3 months ago
As we enter the third year of the pandemic, most of us are feeling worn down with all the lockdowns, social distancing, isolation and uncertainty. More than anything, we need intimacy, we need community, we need to actually be with one another. So much needs healing, so much needs praying for. We must regenerate our capacity to love so we can heal ourselves, each other and the larger ecology of life.

In this spirit we invite you to join us in a pilgrimage to Chartres during its holiest time of the year during the Feast of the Assumption of Mary and the honoring of the Black Madonna. Join us for a 7-day initiation under the radiance of a full moon into the mysteries of the Divine Feminine through deep reflection, joyous celebration and empowering dance at one of the holiest shrines of the Great Goddess.

For syllabus and how to register, check out the LINK IN BIO. 🙏🏼
Worldwide Indigenous Science Network
Worldwide Indigenous Science Network4 months ago
We are counting the days for our Dreamwork in Chartres, France.
For over 15 years, we gather and share our dreams in the sacred site of Chartres Cathedral.
The dreams are the channel sprits come through, bypassing any kind of status. It’s a collective narrative that we all live in.

Chartres Dreamwork - August 13 to 19, 2022.

Link on bio.
DM for more information.

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Worldwide Indigenous Science Network
Worldwide Indigenous Science Network4 months ago
Aang Waan — Hello Our Other Selves

In recognition of #EarthDay coming-up in April… Remember who you are, our Mother Earth needs you 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏾❤️🌎

#WednesdayWisdom #Elders #AangWaan #IntoTheHeart #Kinship #MotherEarth #Reciprocity #Love

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