Indigenous Science and Peace Studies Master’s degree Program



Global catastrophe has spurred the linking of Indigenous Science and Western Science to formulate breakthrough approaches to today’s greatest problems. Whether in policy, land management or the development of innovative technologies, Indigenous Science upends and transforms negative patterns of conventional science and social order.

The first inception of the Indigenous Science and Peace Studies (ISPS) program was created in 1993 and was the world’s first accredited doctoral program. Taught from the perspective of indigenous mind and science, this program was lauded as a breakthrough in education. Over time the program expanded in reach and breadth of knowledge.

The ISPS Master’s Degree Program, at the University for Peace, Costa Rica, offers students the opportunity to be immersed in courses bridging the two ways of knowing; Indigenous Science and Western Science. During their time in the ISPS program, students will participate in exchanges with Indigenous Knowledge keepers, community leaders, scholars and scientists from around the globe. Students will be challenged to learn how to not only integrate Indigenous Science with their work but to create a balance between both ways of knowing within themselves. 

ISPS will focus your determination and skills, igniting a clear fire vision for Earth’s renewal. 

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