WISN Partners with the Yawanawa to Protect Jaguars

Under threat of poaching, habitat loss and fragmentation, jaguar populations are increasingly at risk. In Acre, Brazil, the Yawanawa have committed to protecting their central sacred species. To support their efforts, WISN sent Andrew Marshall (a Security Consultant with vast experience in protecting endangered and threatened species in Africa) to Yawanawa territory.

Marshall worked with WISN partner and tribal Chief Tashka Yawanawa to determine the most effective strategy to protect jaguars.

As part of WISN’s Big Cat Alliance  projects, Marshall will soon return to the Yawanawa Territory to begin security training as part of a long-term conservation plan with selected members of the community. The training will complement and build upon indigenous practices and knowledge. In bringing these two ways of knowing together, the jaguars may find sanctuary.


With your support, the Yawanawa community was able to purchase equipment including a new boat engine and supplies to build a watch tower. This is just the beginning.

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Tashka Yawanawa stands in front of lumber for watchtower