Indigenous Dreamwork

“There is a dream dreaming us.”
Khomani San Bushmen

Without Elders or intact cultures to link the modern and dissociative ways of studying dreams with the integrated ways of our ancestors, much of our understanding of the importance of our dreams is lost. WISN is at the forefront of indigenous dreamwork. We bring together people of all backgrounds on sacred sites for Indigenous dreaming circles that provide a ceremonial process and an indigenous frame for understanding dreams from a collective perspective. We explore how to receive dream messages from Ancestors and Guides; how to understand dreams in the context of the waking world; how dreams work on multiple levels to impart messages and understandings for today; and how to participate in the reconstitution of tribal dreaming. Through various tools and techniques, we begin to understand dreams as guides in the waking world, particularly as they relate to cross cultural understanding and global healing. And in so doing, we approximate the role we would assume living in an intact tribal community.