Dream Journal $35 USD

Chartres Dream Ceremony

Each morning at Chartres, a circle forms. Enfolded by the sound of a drone instrument and chanting, we ignite cedar gathered on the hill and purify ourselves in the smoke. We pray, giving respect to the sacredness of the site and prepare ourselves to meet our dreams as a dream    

In a time of global upheaval and great fluidity our dreams are our doorway back into relationship with the earth, cosmos and precious soul light that is our essence. This journal follows the on-site ceremony. It is a limited edition that features original cover art and a journal layout based on decades of work with more than one-thousand reported dreams. Each edition includes a focusing chant encoded on a QR code. All proceeds support indigenous cultural practitioners.

About the product:

Soft cover, dimensions are 9 x 5.5 inches, 90 pages

Sections of the journal include: 

  • Finger labyrinth
  • Chant embedded in a QR Code
  • Chartrean Gaul Indigenous Icons to guide you through sections for writing, sketching, and acknowledging dream manifestations in life.
  • A prayer section includes the process.

Rose oil

Anointing Rose Oil $5 USD

Rose oil anointing is a sacred part of all New Chartres Academy ceremonies. We use the oil to focus, purify and consecrate ourselves in the Chartrean Mysteries.

How to Use:

Begin your dream work in prayer. You may wish to play the chant embedded in the QR Code of your Dream Journal as you pray. Place a drop or two on your finger tips and, in a circular motion, apply to the third eye area of your forehead.

About the product:

Our oils are produced by sacred alchemist, Terre Wood. They are pure and gentle enough for any skin type but may also be diffused in your home to encourage deep contemplation.

Dreamwork Blanket Chartres Collection $175 USD

Comfy soft blanket with exclusive Dream work original art.

All proceeds directed to indigenous people