WISN Principles of Elder Networking

NETWORKING IS ORGANIZED AROUND THESE PRINCIPLES: Elders, healers, sacred site guardians who are adept in indigenous wisdom are to hold the center or take the lead in Networking activities. Sacred Sites and life forms within and about the Sites are integral partners in Networking. Networking activities are inclusive. Communities and nature are vital participants. Networking […]

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Global Networking of Elders, Sacred Site Guardians, Healers, and Shamans

Indigenous Healers, Sacred Site Guardians, and their knowledge are endangered. Destruction of the environment, loss of traditional lands, fundamentalist religious pressures, poverty, and increasing Westernization mean that today’s Cultural Practitioners are the last generation to be raised in an unbroken cultural chain.

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Sacred Fire in Kyrgyzstan

WISN and Kyrgyz Elders reignited the Uluu Ot, or fire ceremony, historically suppressed for more than eighty years.

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