Woman Between the Worlds Book Launch

Order you copy here Woman Between the Worlds: A Call to Your Ancestral and Indigenous Wisdom  Apela Colorado shares her knowledge and experiences of indigenous wisdom and promotes an understanding between the indigenous and modern world perspectives. A journey back in time to preserve a connection to the ancestors, open a door to indigenous wisdom […]

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July Dreamwork Virtual Event, Ubiquity University and Humanity Rising Summit

Take part in this special event by visiting our Dream Shop and Ubiquity University

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Women’s History Event

March 25th-March 28th Lahaina, Maui

A four day event, hosted by WISN, celebrating the women who kept and keep the history of West Maui.

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Apela Colorado

Apela Colorado Ph.D., of Oneida-Gaul ancestry, founded the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network (WISN) in 1989 with assistance from the Canadian International Development Agency and private sector investment. Read more about Apela Colorado HERE

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How Indigenous science can save humanity from itself

“Like Paleolithic people, when we enter the caves, we face our primal fears and are transformed and empowered by the experience. But unlike ancient humanity… we enter the caves in fervent hope that our actions will help invoke the return of the natural world.” Read full article HERE

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How Indigenous knowledge advances modern science and technology

Throughout history, Indigenous peoples have been responsible for the development of many technologies and have substantially contributed to science. Read full article from theconversation.com HERE

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Jaguars: A Nexus for Biocultural Renewal

(video) Jaguars are a wild cat species native to the Americas. Globally, the species is listed as Near Threatened (IUCN Red List) with steadily declining populations. In the United States, jaguars have been nearly extirpated. Tashka Yawanawa (ICP and Yawanawa Community leader, Acre, Brazil) and Ernesto Olmos (ICP and Artist, Oaxaca, Mexico) work within their local […]

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New monument honors the life of Alice Kaehukai Shaw Kaae

January 25, 2018 BY LOUISE ROCKETT , Lahaina News             LAHAINA – The Waiola Church Cemetery, located on the border of the Waine’e and Waiokama ahupua’a in the moku of Lahaina, is the resting place of the renowned, revered and obscure of Old Lahaina. In the makai Olowalu corner is the modest gravesite of “Beloved Mother, Alice […]

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The Archaeology of Sound

October 5-7, 2017 Tomar, Portugal

WISN presents ‘Prayer and Resonance in Paleolithic Painted Caves of Southern France – An Indigenous Science Approach’ in Portugal at the third international multi-disciplinary conference on The Archaeology of Sound.  

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WISN presents at Archaeoacoustics Conference: Portugal Oct.2017

Archaeoacoustics is the study of how sound and vibration is an intrinsic element of natural and built environments. Since sound and vibration have the power to modify, entrain and transform human consciousness, WISN supports original archaeoacoustic research as an aspect of indigenous science.

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New Chartres Academy Indigenous Dreamwork

July 2-8, 2017 Chartres, France

  As part of Wisdom School’s New Chartres Academy, each year participants meet in the early mornings to share and explore dreams. Using innovative technologies and methodologies, this indigenous dreamwork explores dreams in the collective. The focus of this year’s gathering is “Arithmetica.” To learn more, click here.

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White Lion Leadership Academy

November 22- December 22, 2017 Timbavati, South Africa

Since its inception in 2012, participants from around the world meet each year to explore indigenous dreamwork and reconnect with their their ancestors on these sacred lands during the annual White Lion Leadership Academy.   Next year’s Leadership Academy is November 22- December 22, 2017

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Historic Snow Leopard Gathering in Kyrgyzstan

September 2013 Bishkek, Kyrgzystan

WISN and the SLC brought together Indigenous Cultural Practitioners and scientists for a historic gathering in Kyrgyzstan this September to find better ways of conserving the critically endangered snow leopards.

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Speaker at the University of South Africa

Provided consultation on the integration of indigenous knowledge within higher education curriculum development, and was appointed International Fellow to the South African Research Chair in Development Education.

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Co-organizers for Global Forum in Bishkek

Brought together Indigenous Elders and big cat conservationists to discuss new forms of conservation, bridging the two ways of knowing. Indigenous cultural practitioners developed a statement that was presented at the UN Forum for Big Cat Conservation–the first time ever that Indigenous Elders were given a seat at the table on conservation issues.

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Mobile Addictions Treatment Program for the Kalahari Bushmen

Partnered with South African Bushmen, Canada’s Nechi Institute’s addictions program, and PROMETRA, Promotion of Traditional Medicine, to design and deliver a culture-based treatment to the Kalahari—a first on the African continent. In 2016, we completed Phase I, sponsoring a Community Addictions Treatment program, training sober Bushmen how to support their community during Phase II.

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Healing Our Spirit Worldwide

WISN was invited to present two workshops, the Indigenous Mind, academic program as ceremony, and Indigenous Dreaming. More than 400 organizations applied.

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Healing Our Spirits Worldwide

November 15 - 19, 2015 Hamilton, New Zealand

Dr. Colorado and other team members will present on indigenous methodologies and dreamwork at the 7th annual “Healing Our Spirits Worldwide” conference.

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Mokupāpapa Discovery Center, First Friday Lecture Series

August 7, 2015 Hilo, Hawai'i

Dr. Colorado will be presenting “Indigenous and Western Sciences: At a Crossroads – Can This Relationship be Saved?” at a NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration)-affiliated event at the University of Hawai’i, Hilo.

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23rd Annual Hawaii Conservation Conference

August 6, 2015 Hilo, Hawaii

WISN will be attending the 23rd Annual Hawaii Conservation Conference, which allows participants to discover first-hand, the innovative and collaborative ways in which Hawai‘i Island conservation projects come together to protect some of the largest, most endangered, native habitats in Hawai’i.

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