Water Resonance: Cymatics and the old ones

titiro ki te ihirangaranga o te mauri ora mo te ahurea “Looking into the vibrational essence of life and culture” WISN have embarked on an exciting exploration of the CymaScope as a cutting edge technology that can communicate and make visible dimensions of animal language and the voices of elders. This enquiry is visioned and initiated by […]

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Jaguars: A Nexus for Biocultural Renewal

(video) Jaguars are a wild cat species native to the Americas. Globally, the species is listed as Near Threatened (IUCN Red List) with steadily declining populations. In the United States, jaguars have been nearly extirpated. Tashka Yawanawa (ICP and Yawanawa Community leader, Acre, Brazil) and Ernesto Olmos (ICP and Artist, Oaxaca, Mexico) work within their local […]

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New monument honors the life of Alice Kaehukai Shaw Kaae

January 25, 2018 BY LOUISE ROCKETT , Lahaina News             LAHAINA – The Waiola Church Cemetery, located on the border of the Waine’e and Waiokama ahupua’a in the moku of Lahaina, is the resting place of the renowned, revered and obscure of Old Lahaina. In the makai Olowalu corner is the modest gravesite of “Beloved Mother, Alice […]

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