Community Empowerment


Ceremony is an integral part of all WISN’s work. When describing the attributes of ceremony, Western literature explains ceremony in psychological terms: ceremony connects the outer world with the inner world. For indigenous peoples, when the outer and inner worlds connect we are one with the environment and life, have access to more information and […]

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Mobile Addictions Treatment Program for Khomani San Bushmen

Khomani San Bushmen are in crisis. Moved from their ancestral lands and no longer able to live in their traditional ways, they are dying from addictions and related trauma. WISN is working with the Bushmen to bring a Mobile Addictions Treatment program, to help them reclaim their health and identity.

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Preservation of Indigenous Language

Jean-Paul Auriac offers an invocation in Occitane, welcoming the WISN team to the sacred sites of Dordogne, France. Occitane is an ancient language of Languedoc once widely spoken in the South of France. In the interest of imposing an official language throughout France, Occitan was actively discouraged and suppressed (often-times violently) causing Occitan to go underground. […]

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